Interrailing – What to bring?

Don’t know what to bring inter-railing? No problem, that’s what I am here for! Inter-railing is an extremely popular holiday choice amongst students and is a great cheap way to see a lot in a small space of time. I personally inter-railed around Europe, so my advice is based on my own experience.


Top Left: Budapest, Top Right: Lake Bled, Bottom Left: Berlin, Bottom Right: Venice

Must haves:

Rucksack – A good Rucksack makes your whole trip a lot more enjoyable. Get one that is COMFY (emphasis on the comfy part!) and that you will be able to carry yourself (you mightn’t always have help). Some of my friends brought suitcases which was a total nightmare when we got somewhere that didn’t have a lift and they have to lift them up the stairs. A rucksack with wheels would be ideal, the best of both worlds!

Locks for bags – Generally the trains were safe but I always kept my bags locked and tied them to the chair or the overhead rail, for extra security. You may look like an idiot or your friends might tell you that you are being over cautious but better than being stranded in a foreign country without even a pair of clean underwear.

Travel belt – A MUST! These little belts are the single most important item to have when you are traveling, whether its inter-railing or just on a holiday. They clip around your tummy and you usually wear them under your t-shirt, in here you put your important things (again a safety measure but trust me on this one). For example, I had my inter-railing pass, passport, phone, credit cards and cash. One of my friend’s ‘carry on’ bag was taken from under his feet and stuff was taken – get one, you have been warned! Available on Amazon for little or nothing.


Plastic folder for important documents: fairly self-explanatory, but definitely best to have hostel bookings, ticket confirmations etc. all together in one place

Micro fiber towels: available in most ‘outdoorsy’ shops, these towels were like magic. They rolled up into barely anything and dried super quick (this mightn’t seem important now, but a few days in when you arrive in your second destination and realise your damp towel has wet all your clothes and made them smell you’ll wish you listened to me!)

Adaptor: I needed one as Irish plugs are different to most European countries – however, won’t be necessary for everyone.

Optional but handy

Extension lead: Most rooms only have a few plugs and when you are sharing a room with multiple people there usually isn’t enough for everyone. An extension lead is something I didn’t bring but immediately wish I did. Also, it means that you can have your phone beside your bed rather than on the other side of the room.

Little mirror: I know when I was inter-railing there was normally only one small mirror per room, and maybe one in the bathroom. When 7 other girls in your room are trying to get ready to go out and putting on make up this lack of mirror space causes chaos. Bring your own little one and avoid having to book a place in front of the mirror.

Plastic bags for separate items: I didn’t do this but one of my friends did and it is genius! She categorised her clothes and put them in labeled plastic bags in her rucksack, this meant if she was looking for something in particular she didn’t have to pull everything out of her bag to find it.

Disposable camera: I am a huge fan of disposable cameras but don’t use them nearly enough, disposable cameras force you to print out your pictures, rather than just having them on a screen (until you lose your phone).

Laundry bag: always a good idea to keep clean and dirty clothes separate until you get to a place where you can wash your clothes.

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These were to me the most important essentials of inter-railing, however, everyone has different experiences and has different advice. I hope you can take at least one thing from this list that will help you. Enjoy yourself, it’s an amazing experience! See you in the next one.

The Girl on the Go xx

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  1. Hey great post. Having done this twice I fully agree with the backpack! It becomes your life with you dragging it around everywhere you go so it has to be comfy and strong! The first trip I had a cheap one and it was a nightmare of constantly having to use safety pins to keep the seems together!

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