Abe and Louie’s, Boston

Any vegetarians reading this post please stop now, this one is for the meat lovers. This place is a carnivore’s heaven – but you better make sure you have an empty stomach if you are going to visit Abe & Louie’s. Their famous Ribeye weighs in at a whopping 26oz (including bone – around 18oz without the bone).

This Boylston Street hotspot is the perfect balance between casual and fine dining. While the dining area is quite fancy, the bar is casual and loud, making the restaurant seem a lot more casual and giving the place a good buzz. The staff are extremely friendly and you almost get the feeling you get to know each other throughout your meal.


While we were drooling over all the options on the menu, trying to pick our favourites, the waiter arrived out with this ‘heaven on a plate’. These super soft, still warm, oiled and salted bread rolls were all eaten before the waiter even managed to get the plate onto the table. They are the kind of things I will end up dreaming about.

For starter, I got a small cup of the Seafood Chowder and Josh got the Steak Tartare (pictured below). Both were extremely tasty, my chowder came in a small cup, which once I got my main course I realised it was more than enough. Josh’s Tartare was ginormous, it would have been enough for both of us easily!


We both felt due to being in one of Massachusetts best steak houses we would be crazy not to get a steak. I definitely overestimated how hungry I was and went with the 26oz Ribeye. I generally like my steaks rare, however, when I went to order the ribeye rare the waiter explained that it is a lot nicer medium rare due to the marbling and that the thickness of it would mean it wouldn’t be hot in the middle. I am so glad I took his advice. The steak was out of this world, so juicy and tender that it felt as though it melted in my mouth. For our sides, we got garlic mashed potato – which was also a massive hit and the green beans were lovely too.


This place without a doubt is now in my top few favourite restaurants, the food, the atmosphere and the service were all absolutely faultless. I will add it is quite expensive, especially for two students, but if it is a special occasion or you are a huge meat lover I do think it is worth the extra few dollars than you would spend in a mediocre steakhouse.

Very unlike myself to be a quitter, but I was so uncomfortably full I couldn’t even think about ordering a dessert, however, their dessert menu looked amazing! There was a ‘Skillet Cookie’ that I would love to try so I am going to try and see can I get one at the bar before I leave. Keep an eye on my Instagram page, I will post a picture up there if I get to go back and try it!

Food:                       9/10

Atmosphere:        9/10

Price:                       31$ – 54$USD (For Steak/Chops main course) – pricey but worth it!!

NOTE: Booking is mandatory based on the day we went which was a Saturday, it was so busy!

NOTE 2: The waiters will I.D. you before taking your drinks order, even at the tables.

Hope you get a chance to visit this amazing place! See you in the next one.

The Girl on the Go xx

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