Giacomo, Boston

I’ve only been to Italy once, myself and 3 of my friends took a detour to Venice this summer while inter-railing around Europe.

After spending the first 19 years of my life eating what I thought was Italian food, I got a taste for the good stuff, the real stuff. Since experiencing the authentic and fresh food Italy has to offer not much ever came close to those meals I had during the 4 days I was there…

… until last week I was sitting in Ottawa airport on my way to Boston and I was looking up restaurants in the city that I wanted to visit. I knew Boston had an Italian community so I thought what better place to find a nice little romantic Italian restaurant. All signs pointed towards Giacomo.


This North end little restaurant gave me everything I longed for since I left Venice (apart from the romantic part – I’ll explain later). Boston being beside the sea meant that seafood was a huge component of the menu and not just any seafood. It was the freshest and tastiest seafood I have had in a long time.

I had seen in many articles that they were known for their Calamari, so when we arrived we knew the calamari was a must. We ordered a ‘small’ (but not so small) portion of their fried Calamari to start between the two of us. I didn’t get a picture because I was just too hungry to be messing around with my phone. Being a calamari lover I was confused when I took a bite of it, I was expecting that typical elastic texture you get a lot, a sign of poor quality. But it wasn’t there. It was smoother and almost melted in my mouth.


Their menu is simple, they don’t do pizzas only appetisers, pasta and there may have been one or two meat dishes – I’m not entirely sure, but everyone in the place opted with the pasta. They give you a menu that allows you to pick a type of meat (I picked mussels and calamari), you then pick a sauce and they make it with linguine. Or you can pick one that is on their pre-set menu, but I think most people went for the ‘build your own’ option.


Best pasta in Boston – it was the only pasta I had but come onnnnn! Look how good that looks

(How amazing does that look? Well it tasted even better!)

This is not the kind of place you can sit down and have a long chat, you will be in and out before you know it – hence the ‘not so romantic’ comment above. This is not the place to sit at a candle-lit table and drink wine all night. You’ll be asked to leave. The staff aren’t rude, but they are prompt about getting you in and out. So don’t expect to be waiting very long for your meal. Their table turnover is huge, I read in warmer months there is always a queue out the door. This place is cash only so make sure to bring your bank card. However, there is an ATM just across the street if you don’t have it handy.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough! (Sorry for the lack of pictures of the food, was too hungry to do a photo shoot!)

Food:                    9/10

Atmosphere:      8/10

Price range:       $14-22 USD (Main Course)

See you in the next one.

The Girl on the Go xx

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