Sam LaGrassa’s, Boston

Sam LaGrassa’s is TripAdvisor’s best-rated restaurant/food spot in all of Boston. Is it all that it’s hyped up to be?


Over rated food at its finest

We arrived around noon, the place was completely packed – always a good sign in my eyes. We asked what the most popular sandwich was and went – surely it would be the safest bet? We were told it was the ‘Chipotle Pastrami’ (I think), we also chose the ‘Santa Fe BBQ Chicken’. Oh did I mention? These sandwiches don’t come cheap, they set you back 13.95 USD before tax.

I stood and waited for the sandwich, you don’t get served due to the huge amount of customers. Our sandwiches arrived and they looked amazing – well the ‘Chipotle Pastrami’ one more so than the BBQ chicken, but they looked good! This is when the disappointment kicked in. Maybe my expectations were too high from all the reviews I read about the place. The sandwiches tasted like they had been sitting in the sun for an hour, which they weren’t – it was raining and I saw them being prepared. They lacked flavour and most importantly freshness. They felt greasy and almost dirty. I will add – which may make my opinion slightly biased, I don’t really like overly fatty or overly smoked meats and the taste they leave in your mouth. Pastrami is usually soaked in brine and smoked so this could explain why I didn’t enjoy it as much as others might have.


Not impressed with Sam LaGrassa’s – although it is a pretty photogenic sandwich… I’ll give them that

I didn’t think this place was the worst in the world, not even the worst in Boston, I just felt it didn’t deserve the top position on TripAdvisor. I went to lots of nice places during my stay in Boston that were a lot nicer, like Boston – Abe & Louie’s & Boston – Giacomo (Potentially the best Italian outside Italy)


This is one of the reasons I started this blog, although I have found some amazing places through TripAdvisor and think it is a really good resource. I don’t believe it always gives a true and fair view, so I am trying to make my way through as many restaurants and holiday destinations and give you all honest opinions through the eyes of a student.

Hope you enjoy and see you in the next one.

The Girl on the Go xx

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