Toronto – JOEY

In the suburbs (North York) of Toronto and looking for a good meal in a trendy spot? Or in fact in the city centre around the Eaton centre? You can find JOEY in both locations.

JOEY North York is located in the upmarket shopping complex at Don Mills. The complex is an outdoor shopping area filled with high-end shops, modern restaurants and bars and an adult only cinema. (Pricey but worth it for some).


We had a reservation for 8.30pm on a Friday night, when we arrived the table wasn’t ready and we had to wait for 20-25 mins. We went and got a drink at the bar which was busy creating a buzzy atmosphere in the place.

It would be a really good place to bring guests that you don’t know what the like as they have such a huge variety of options – there is something for everyone (Burgers, Sushi, Curry, Salads, Steak). Warning: don’t bring indecisive people (like myself) due to too many good options.


Service was fast considering how busy it was. All the girls I was with really enjoyed their meals. I got the Yellowfin Tuna salad – very unlike me to choose a salad as I feel they aren’t always good for filling you up. Having said that, it was amazing! I didn’t have that feeling of dissatisfaction at the end, much to my surprise not only did I feel full but I also felt like I had just eaten really fresh and good quality food.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a trendy, relatively inexpensive and tasty place to eat in Toronto. There are also a few bars around the Don Mills complex so it’s nice to have the option to go for a drink after food without being in the city centre.

Food:                     8/10

Atmosphere:      7.5 /10

Price:                   $15 – $37 (Main Courses)

The Girl on the Go xx

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