How to Stay Healthy Whilst Traveling

I noticed this summer while backpacking around Europe that convenience stores (which are in every train station and airport) aren’t very ‘convenient’ for people who are trying to eat healthy. They are mainly filled with overly processed food, drink,  and very few fresh products.

I have come up with a few tips that might help you guys maintain a balanced diet on your next trip, or if you are just looking to start your journey you may also be interested in 6 Healthy Habits to aid Weight Loss.

1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – As cringy as this sounds, this is by far the most important thing no matter if you are traveling or just going to college or work. If you want to achieve your health goals you need to be prepared. Always carry a lunch box around or just some snacks that are healthy so you won’t be forced to try to find something in a ‘convenience’ store. Get your trip off to a good start by bringing some healthy snacks to munch on while waiting for your flight. Airports always have the worst selection of healthy food.

Bring some healthy snacks. If you haven’t already tried Fulfil bars the white chocolate is the best!

2. Stay Hydrated – I know when I am traveling I always forget to drink water. Drinking enough water is a huge part of trying to stay healthy and it is usually forgotten when it isn’t readily available. Most places have water fountains, so if you want to save a bit of money and help the environment carry a reusable bottle around with you.

I always try to bring my cute Victoria Secret glass water bottle with me when I leave the house

3. Try to avoid fast food joints – I know grabbing a burger or some fries can seem like the easiest and cheapest option sometimes, especially for students who are on a budget, but what I learnt from my trip this summer was that supermarkets become your best friend. I used to go and buy fruit and veg in big packets which I would carry around with me. Some super markets even have small salad and sandwich bars. This option is especially nice in a hot country. You can go and buy your food and go and sit on a beach or in a park and eat your food.

4. 5-a-day – Although this is far from essential, you should make sure you are getting 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in every day.  This will help you make smarter choices when choosing what to eat both out in restaurants or in the supermarket.

5. Walk – Ditch the Ubers, trains and buses. If possible try to walk to the places you want to go. Most of the time going away on holidays means that you will be missing out on your gym sessions. So make sure that you are trying to at least hit 10,000 steps every day.

Walking around NYC

6. Don’t skip meals – If you have no choice but to eat in the fast food restaurant, do it! While a lot of people might avoid McDonald’s at all costs as they don’t want to be ‘bloated’ in their bikini the following day. The reality is you are on your holidays, and I know that when I get hungry I am really really grumpy! There is no point risking ruining your holiday to try and maintain the same level of leanness you arrived with.

I hope these tips have been of some use to you coming up to summer. Enjoy your holiday and hopefully see you back here soon!

The Girl on Go xx

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  1. Catherine says:

    Love your post on eating healthy while travelling

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  2. Thanks Catherine, keep an eye on my page as there are more like it on the way x


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