Inter-railing through Europe – Where to stay

Going Inter-railing this summer, but unsure where to stay? Here is a list of the places that I went to and where I stayed. Hopefully this information will make booking your accommodation a bit easier.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hotel Van Gogh

Cost per night: 37 euro/night pp. in July – room sleeps 6 (bunkbeds)

Location: Right beside the tram stop, which is a short 10 min tram ride to Vondelpark and the red light district. The Van Gogh Museum, the I am Amsterdam sign and the Rijksmuseum were a 3 minute walk away from the hostel.

Overall Impression: The place was really clean, and our rooms had a private bathroom. The place felt more like a hotel rather than a hostel. We all loved that we were right beside the tram so it was easy to get around.

Cooking facilities: No cooking facilities but you could pay for breakfast

Hotel Van Gogh

Berlin, Germany

Generator Berlin Mitte

Cost per night: 40 euro/night pp. in July – rooms slept 6 (bunkbed)

Location: Most of the clubs we went to were quite spread out so we always got a taxi but we were never that far away from them, and there was a underground train stop just beside the hostel.

Overall Impression: It was really clean and modern. It was more simple than Hotel Van Gogh but the rooms were probably a bit more spacious. There is a little courtyard with a bar which you can stay in until 12 (I think).

Cooking facilities: No, but you could pay for breakfast or there was a small café in front of the hostel that did sandwiches, soups and fries.

Generator Hostel Berlin

Prague, Czech Republic

Old Town Square Apartments

Cost per night: 27 euro/night pp. in July – apartments slept 6 (3 double beds)

Location: Was a short 5 minute walk from the Old Town Square, which was filled with restaurants, food carts, street performers and walking tours.

Overall Impression: The apartment I stayed in was really nice, it had three double beds a kitchen, big bathroom and a sitting area. However, my building didn’t have an elevator and we were on the second floor. So another reason that I would recommend a rucksack over a suitcase, for more tips on what to bring check out Interrailing – What to bring?. I really loved Prague despite the terrible weather when we were there. It should be a must on your trip.

Cooking Facilities: Yes, the apartment was fitted with a full kitchen and washing machines.

Prague from beer garden

Budapest, Hungary

Pal’s Hostel and Apartments

Cost per night: 21 euro/night pp. in July – apartment slept 6 or 8 people (all single beds)

Location: These apartments were in a great location, right beside the Szent István Basilica, which was pretty central.

Overall Impression: DO NOT STAY HERE! We were staying on the 4th floor I think, and we came home one day to see that our apartment had been broken into. If it was someone who wasn’t staying in the hostel or apartments they would have had to walk past reception on the 3rd floor to get to our room. We demanded a refund and found an Airbnb elsewhere. The staff weren’t very helpful in dealing with the situation.

Cooking Facilities: Yes, there were cooking facilities. All of the apartments had their own kitchen.

Széchenyi Lánchíd

Venice, Italy

Airbnb Apartment

Cost per night: 30 euro/night pp. in July (2 bedrooms – 4 people)

Location: We found an apartment a two minute walk from Piazza San Marco.

Overall Impression: Loved the accommodation we had a little kitchen which we made our breakfast in which was good for saving money. The people who owned the apartment came and met us at the main ferry stop and helped us with our luggage.  I couldn’t find the exact apartment on Airbnb to be able to link it, but we found loads of cheap places that looked lovely.

Cooking Facilities: Yes, we had a small kitchen in the apartment.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Hostel Bled Vila Viktorija – Has since Permanently Closed

Cost per night: 20 euro/night pp. in July – rooms slept 6 or 8 (bunkbeds)

Location: Perfect Location, just on the lake and a short 5 min walk to the main ‘town’ where you found all of the bars and a grocery store.

Overall Impression: This place was like a big house, my group of friends stayed in one room of 6 and another of 8. The room of 8 had their own bathroom, but the rooms of six had a bathroom across the hall way which was pretty much private but didn’t make a difference to us. This place offered Yoga on I think it was Monday nights and they had an ice-cream fridge and you could order coffees and sandwiches.

Cooking Facilities: Yes, there were cooking facilities in the basement of the house. Not the most glam kitchen but was perfectly clean and did the job.

Note: They only take cash, there is an ATM beside the supermarket just down the road.

Lake Bell, Slovenia

After reflecting with all of my friends we all agreed that the apartments were a lot better than the hostels. Even though they were sometimes a bit more expensive, you end up saving a good bit of money when you can cook some of your meals, rather than having to eat out all of the time. If you have any more questions about Inter-railing or the accommodation feel free to comment.

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The Girl on the Go xx

7 thoughts on “Inter-railing through Europe – Where to stay

  1. Hey Amy look great hope cathal is taking note !! He is goingvaround 12 / 13 july- are u home for 10th he will ne 21 not sure what we are doing but definitely doing something – Happy Easter love Susanne

  2. Thank you so much Girl on the Go! As someone who is very interested in a trip to Europe this summer, I found your tips on where to stay helpful. I’d love to know which month you did your trip and for how long?

    • Thank you, I am so glad you found it helpful! I travelled in July last year, I think I left on the 4th and finished around the 28th. I spent 3/4 days in each place. Some places you could see everything in 2 days but in others I would have preferred 5.

      I don’t know how you plan to travel around Europe but I got the ‘7 days of travel’ Inter-rail pass, which was plenty for me as I only went to 5 places. That pass was around 250 euro. I know it is possible to get a ’10 days of travel’ pass and a full month one but unless you plan to go to 9+ places I don’t think it is worth getting the full month one.

      Hope this helps, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

      GOTG x

  3. I thought there was a lot to see in Berlin, I love History so there was a lot I wanted to do there. I loved Venice, it was so beautiful and there were a lot of little islands off the main one that I would have loved to have seen. Lake Bled (Slovenia) is very relaxing. There isn’t much there but there are loads of activities you can do, like skydiving, hiking, boating, gorge jumping and the list just goes on. So if that is what you are into maybe a bit longer in Lake Bled would be worth it.

    There were the main places I would have liked more time in, or even just wish I used my time more wisely.

    Hope this helps

    GOTG xx

  4. Hey great post! Finding a good place to stay is an important part of travelling – especially inter-railing when often all you need at the end of a long busy day is a good night’s sleep. We just posted something on it ourselves.

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