6 Healthy Habits to aid Weight Loss

Trying to shift a few pounds before bikini season? Here are a few simple tips you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day life on top of your training/exercise program to help you feel fabulous on the beach this summer.




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1. Stay Hydrated – Aim to drink around 2-3 litres of water a day. A lot of people confuse hunger and thirst. If you are starting to feel hungry, drink some water and see if you are still hungry 15 minutes later. Not only does it help to keep everything moving through you, it also helps to keep your skin clear. I try to carry around a water bottle with me everywhere I go. If you don’t like drinking lots of water on it’s own you can add some cut up strawberries or lemon for some extra taste (also looks pretty).



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2. Increase your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) – Okay, I know that sounds confusing, but it is simple. Your NEAT is the energy you expend doing your day-to-day activities not including sleeping, eating or working out. For example, easy ways to increase your NEAT include: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, carrying a basket in the grocery store rather than using a trolley or even if you are watching tv get up and walk around during every ad break.

3. Write down everything you eat in a day – This one has a huge impact on me. My mum gets these salted crackers from Lidl that are AMAZING, and before I know if I have eaten half the packet. When I  write down what I eat it makes me think again about what I am putting in my mouth. ‘How is 47 salted crackers going to look on paper?’ – NOT GOOD, so it is easier to stay in control when you are recording it.


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4. Avoid highly processed food – Not only are these foods not great for you, they also cause you to retain water in the form of bloating due to their high salt and high sugar content. Bloating isn’t something to be worried about in the long term, I just find it more motivating waking up in the morning feeling like I am making progress rather than with a big water belly.


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5. Get your 5-a-day – The simple advice is usually the best. If you are consciously trying to achieve this little goal every day your diet will become a lot cleaner.

6. Eat Mindfully – Enjoy every bite and chew slowly. Eating with distractions tends to make people overeat so try and avoid eating your dinner in front of the television. Another point to consider is that it can take a while for your brain to realise that you are full, so if you still feel hungry after a meal give yourself sometime before you dive into the snacks.

A good way to adopt these habits is to have a checklist and tick off completing each one every day for a month. Normally after doing something everyday for a month it becomes a habit, so before you know it these will all be second nature.

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