Angelo’s Pizza Broadway, New York

Looking for a spot to grab a quick and yummy meal before heading off to a show? Angelo’s Pizza Broadway is the place for you. Just a block or two down from the theatres you can’t go wrong.


Angelo’s Pizza Broadway

You can save your best dress for another night, the dress code is casual and the atmosphere is relaxed. Perfect for a family or if you just want some good food. The service is extremely quick so perfect for a quick catch up with some friends or a bite to eat after work. Even better they run a happy hour before 7 so if you are going to a show be sure to take full advantage of that as the drink in the theatre is scarily expensive.


Cheese Heaven AM I RIGHT??

Now to the food, we had seen pictures of their Baked Ziti all  over Instagram so neither of us were willing to give in and get something else. So we both got it. It was amazing we both loved it,  and for those of you wondering, it is simply pasta in a tomato sauce with a f*** load of cheese. Go to my Instagram to see the cheese pull!!!! Simple but amazing. Other recommendations we had been given included The Square Pizza and The Rigatoni all Vodka.


Angelo’s Baked Ziti

We had been told that the were known for their Black and White Chocolate mousse cake, unfortunately they were all out so we had the New York Style Cheesecake and it was really delicious but would have loved to have tried the mousse cake.


New York Style Cheese cake

Food:                  8.5/10

Atmosphere:     6/10

Price:                   $18 – 25$ (Main Course)

Hope you get to Angelo’s and try it all for yourself. See you in the next one.

The Girl on the Go xx


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