Dinner – Wanderlust, Dalkey

The other day I paid a visit to Wanderlust in Dalkey with a few of my girlfriends for a going away dinner. I had heard loads of great things about it and I had been really looking forward to trying it out for myself.

Wanderlust Dalkey, 111 Coliemore Rd

About the Menu

The menu perfectly combined a wide variety of cuisines from Mexican to Asian influenced food without being too overwhelming. They had a huge range of starters but less main courses. Most of us actually ended up getting either two starters or a starter and a side. The starters were huge so it was a perfect amount of food. They also had a large wine and cocktail list.

The Food & Drink

When we arrived we all got a cocktail. I got the ‘Pink Passion’ (passionfruit in a cocktail is just heaven). It was by far the nicest cocktail I have had in a long time. It was so yummy and perfectly sour.

Pink Passion Cocktail (10 euro) @ Wanderlust Dalkey

Everyone loved their meals. The table got a wide range of dishes from tacos to chicken wings. I got the Scallops (12.50) and shared a side of Sweet Potato Fries (4) and Skinny Stem Almond Broccoli (4) with one of the girls. I love Scallops and any time I see them on a menu I gravitate towards them. However, it is easy to over cook scallops and once you do you might as well be chewing on a bouncy ball. These scallops were cooked perfectly and were served with a pea purée, black pudding and diced smoked bacon. I would highly recommend them. I would say that they are very rich as a starter if you plan to have a main course.

Pan seared scallops with pea purée, black pudding and diced smoked bacon (12.50 euro) & side of broccoli (4 euro)

Price Range

The cocktails were expensive, 10 euro each is pretty steep. Especially when they aren’t very big. Having said that they are to die for.

The food was on the expensive side. Mains ranging from 15-24 euro. If you are looking to save a few, opt with a starter and a side. It worked out cheaper and I think there were better options on the starter menu.

Early Bird option?

Yes, they have an early bird option from 5pm-7pm. You can get 2 courses for 20 and 3 for 23. The menu is limited but it is a good deal.

The Staff 

The staff were really friendly and dealt well with the big group. The were really accommodating when it came to paying the bill, we were all able to pay separately and some of the group were able to use card to pay their share. They were also accommodating to allergies.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is small, I would make a reservation on the weekend or if you have a big group. It wasn’t cold, I was able to wear jeans and a little top comfortably and it is nicely lit.


Overall I really enjoyed my meal at Wanderlust Dalkey, the food was superb and I definitely plan to go back in the future.

I hope this post was helpful and I would love to hear about your experiences and recommendations on what to get next time.

The Girl on the Go xx

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