Brunch – San Lorenzo’s

San Lorenzo’s is a modern, Italian style restaurant located on Georges Street at the downtown end of the culinary-famous Camden Mile in the centre of Dublin City. They are well known for their #BrunchOfChampions which is served from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s video of their Coco Pop French Toast that has been making it’s way through every social media platform convinced me that I had to go and see what all of the fuss was about.

San Lorenzo’s, Dublin

The Menu

You are sure to find something you will love on the San Lorenzo’s brunch menu with 6 ‘Lunch Style’ dishes and 12 ‘Breakfast Style’ Dishes. I will say your options are some what limited if you want a ‘Breakfast Style’ Dish and you don’t like eggs, most of their breakfast dishes are predominately egg based. Looking for a boozy brunch? Look no further, San Lorenzo’s offer a wide range of cocktails, beers and shots.

The Food

We had the ‘Super Nachos’ and the ‘Coco Pops French Toast’ to share between the two of us. The French toast tastes as good as it looks (and better). It has an interesting mix of rich flavours and really adds something new and exciting to your standard breakfast menu. The only thing was, I would recommend asking for some more peanut butter  on the side. You see, the dish comes like a sandwich. All of the ingredients are in between two slices of French toast. The only issue is, that the slice on the top gets a bit left out when it comes to toppings and as a result is a bit plain. Nothing some extra peanut butter can’t fix. The ‘Super Nachos’ were scarily big. Despite our massive appetites it was no match for us. That portion could feed 3 people on its own easily. They tasted amazing, they were super fresh and perfectly spicy.

Coco Pops French Toast 
Super Nacho’s @ San Lorenzo’s 

Price Range

At first I thought that it was very expensive for brunch, 14/15 euro per dish seemed pretty steep. Having said that, once the food came I realised we had overestimated our hunger, or underestimated the size of their dishes. Like I said above 3 people could easily share the nachos, so that would have worked out at only 5euro each.

The Staff

The staff were really nice, super efficient and they tried to accommodate us when we requested a window seat. They were quick to take our order and our food and drinks arrived not too quickly, but not too slowly. I would recommend booking in advance as the place was totally full.

The Restaurant

The restaurant resembled an old wine cellar in it’s decor and lighting, giving it a cosy and wintery vibe. The loud music gave the place a modern spin. The bathroom in San Lorenzo’s I believe is the best bathroom I have been in. Instead of having a mirror over the sink they have a massive window looking down into the kitchen – how bloody cool.

Wine Cellar Style 
View from the bathrooms into the kitchen 

Overall we really enjoyed our meal here, although it was expensive you got good value for money in terms of portion size, keep it for a special occasion. For more information see:

The Girl on the Go xx

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