My Autumn Zara Favourites

I am not going to pretend I am some kind of fashion expert, honestly, I am quite the opposite. It’s a rare day when you see me out of my beloved gym leggings. Anyway, this year I decided would be different, I would wear ‘normal person’ clothes. I decided to start expanding my wardrobe, and now it is safe to say I am totally addicted and can’t keep any money in my bank account (snaps for Amy). I wanted to share with you some of the things I bought and why I love them, mostly because Zara’s online store is a bloody nightmare. I don’t know what it is about Zara but nothing looks the same on the website as it does in person. Anytime I buy anything in the store and later see it online I am shocked. Most of the things I choose in person I think look awful on the website, for that reason I have included links to all of the items I include in this post. Buuut, maybe that’s just me 🙂

I am going to start with a pair of shoes that are very close to my heart not to mention they are only 25.95euro. You can find them on the Zara website by clicking here. – I would recommend you size down in these.

Zara Velvet Platform Sneakers

Next up and potentially my favourite item, is this funky wool jumper with contrasting fur sleeves. It is really comfortable and it has the perfect sized turtle neck. I always find it hard to find turtle neck jumpers that don’t make your neck look a foot long. This jumper will set you back 49.95euro and I wear a size ‘S’. To shop this jumper click here.

Zara Wool Jumper with Contrasting Cuffs

The next item on the list is such a simple but brilliant bag. Do you ever go to events that a cross body clutch isn’t really appropriate but you don’t want to carry around a bag in your hand all night? This bag is the answer. It has a hoop for hooking around your arm and a detachable chain so you can wear it as a cross body if you want. It is only 25.95euro and it is available in Black and Kaki Green. Note: You won’t be fitting much more then your phone, money and lip gloss into it. Find it here.

Zara Black Suede Wallet

Next up is the ultimate snuggy winter knit. Keep this one for the cold days because it is tooooooasty.  Although this one has a big neck, it is perfect when you fold it the right way. Note it is super long, so I wear it tucked into jeans, get it now for 39.95 here. I got a ‘M’.

Zara Oversized Roll Neck Sweater

Next up are these little boots, maybe it’s my horse riding roots but I totally fell in love with them when I saw them in the shop. They are so comfy and you surprisingly don’t have to wear them in, as you have to with other leather boots. Avoid the blisters and grab these for 39.95euro. They are true to size but weirdly make my feet look really long. Shop these boots here.

Zara Flat Ankle Boots with Studs

So, yes, I do buy some of my clothes in the Kid’s section, and no, I am not teeny tiny. The sizes are surprisingly big and they are usually less than half the price of the ladies clothes! This skirt is really comfy, the material is nicely stretchy so you don’t feel restricted when you sit down. The best part is it’s only 12.95euro – BARGAIN, get your hands on it here. Comes in Pink, Bottle Green and Dark Blue too. I got a 13-14yrs and I can tuck a bulky jumper into it.

Zara Moleskin Skirt – Kids

I hope you have found this post helpful for anyone else stuck in the ‘active wear’ way of life, it is a slow transition but I think accepting you have a problem is the first step. Feel free to Subscribe to emails below and follow my Instagram account for more clothes, nice food, travel and the occasional workout.

Peace and Love,

The Girlo on the Go xx


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