Shanahan’s on the Green, Dublin

Shanahan’s on the Green is an authentic, American style steakhouse that can be found in a modest Georgian townhouse, just off St. Stephen’s Green. The restaurant screams luxury and elegance, with the high ceilings and fireplaces, creating the perfect wintery ambience.


I would definitely recommend having a light lunch, or skipping it all together as the portions are more than generous. We opted for no starter, as we had done our research and knew we would be brought a hot loaf of bread before our meal (we are also students and let’s be real, what were we doing there?!). The cheese and onion flavoured bread was just magical, I mean I could have eaten it all night *Cancel the steaks, bring more bread*.

Shanahan's on the Green Bread

Cheese & Onion Bread

For main course I opted for the 8oz fillet steak, which came cooked to perfection. It is important to note that the steaks are served with no sides, so, you need to order them separately (at a hefty 9- 12 euro per side). We went with the onion rings, mashed potato and sautéed mushrooms. I am not a big onion ring fan so I might be a bit biased against them but anyone who has been to Shanahan’s rants and raves about them. The mashed potato and mushrooms were what dreams are made of. I am still not over how good they were.

Shanahan's Fillet Steak

8oz Fillet Steak

This is one of the few meals that has really pushed my appetite to the limits. I doubt I got half way through the main course, so maybe only go for two sides or don’t eat a huge amount during the day. Despite being sickly full I HAD to try a dessert, I mean the cookie cheesecake was calling my name. Dessert doesn’t go to your stomach anyway, it goes to your heart! Like everything else we had, it was incredible. Overall it was a stunning meal and I will definitely be back, although maybe when I have a full time job. It is very expensive for sure, but still very good.

Shanahan's on the Green Cheesecake

Cookie Cheesecake


The wine list is an enthusiast’s dream, with at least three times the amount of options than the food menu. It can be intimidating for novice wine drinkers, as the obnoxious price point (be prepared to pay at least 60 euro per bottle) is not something you want to be ‘winging’. The waiter was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction based on our meal choices and what wines and styles we enjoy. We went with this bottle of Malbec (scary expensive, pls help). It was very easy to drink and we adored it.

2015 Malbec

Malbec 2015


I know everyone has different budgets and expectations for a meal out. This place is very, very expensive, and could be unjustifiable for some. However, if you love your food and like to spend your money on it, I still think it is best saved for a special occasion. I would recommend arriving early to have a drink in the ‘Oval Office Bar’ where you can view original memorabilia commemorating the U.S. presidents with Irish Ancestry. Sound good? Click here to have a look at their menus.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, let me know in the comments below what your thought of it.

The Girl on the Go xx

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