Nutbutter, Dublin

Dublin’s newest ‘healthy’ restaurant has been attracting Instagram enthusiasts (me being the biggest culprit) from near and far to its picturesque little café. Nutbutter is located just a 10 minute walk from Grand Canal Dock dart station making it the perfect little weekend outing. I would recommend getting public transport, as parking in the area requires a small bank loan. It is also better for the environment!



It is a ‘order-at-the-till-and-pay-before-you-eat’ kinda place, which is not everyone’s cup of tea for a relaxing weekend brunch. This, however, does make life easier if you are going with a group of friends and don’t want to embarrass yourself using a calculator to determine how much your coffee and porridge was (guilty). Their breakfast menu is very limited. Your choices are porridge, acai bowls or toast. Having said that, their options are very creative, and anything I tried was really tasty. I had ‘The Classic’ acai bowl (€8.50) which was so yummy and super filling, but definitely had more of a sorbet consistency than other acai bowls I have had in the past. Good news people *dun du da dunnnnnn* they didn’t burn the almond milk in either of the coffees I had (that’s a yes from me!!). For the non almond milk drinkers out there (are you even a millenial if you dont drink dairy free milks?!) many places over froth almond milk making it quite sour and overall unpleasant. Bad coffee = bad day. On a side note, how cute are the mugs?!

While I didn’t try their lunch, the menu appears to offer a much greater variety. Their poké bowls sound amazing and they are what I want to try when I am back.

Tips/Considerations for your visit:

Their breakfast finishes and their lunch starts at 11:30am. I would advise you to look at the menus of both before you decide what time to go.

I visited Nutbutter one mid week morning, due to its location in the centre of Grand Canal Dock there were loads of workers popping in for takeaways. If you want some privacy or a quieter experience opt for a table away from the door.

Overall I really enjoyed visiting Nutbutter, the atmosphere and the style were relaxing and the food was tasty. Is it somewhere that I would recommend you dropping everything right now and running to? No. But I would definitely add it to your list of breakfast places to try, as it is definitely unique and has yummy food. Would love to hear about your visit and what you thought, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch on Instagram.

The Girl on the Go xx

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