What to do in Santorini

Hopefully by now you know where you are staying in Santorini, if not, check out my last blog post Where to stay in Santorini. Now it is time to figure out What to do in Santorini. Below are some of the things we did during our stay that we loved.

Catamaran Tour:

If you can only do one thing. This is it. Although it may be expensive we both thought it was worth the money and more. We did the Sunset Cruise with Caldera Yachting. We were collected from our hotel and brought to the port, where we boarded around 3pm. There are usually around 16 people per tour so you are sure to find some cool people to hang out with. The crew were also so friendly and did a brilliant job of bringing us to some of the best attractions on the island. The views were stunning and the water was crystal clear. They brought us to the nicest swimming spots and cooked us an amazing dinner on the boat. OH DID I MENTION? Free booze. 12/10. Highlight of my trip.

Check out their website here.

Caldera Yachting

Perissa Beach:

While the beaches in Santorini don’t have the gorgeous white sand or the glamorous beach clubs like Mykonos, it is worth making the 25 minute drive (from Imerovigli) to the black beach of Perissa. The sea is like a bath and is crystal clear. I would recommend bringing shoes you can wear all the way down to the sea as the sand is quite coarse and can be a bit sore.

Eating in Perissa: Tranquilo

There are loads of different places to get beds on the beach. The place we did had free beds for the people who ate in the restaurant. I honestly would make the trip just to eat and chill in this restaurant/bar. It is a vegetarian restaurant but they do offer some dishes with meat. It is so cheap and insanely tasty, a real must. No need to book.

Tranquilo Santorini

Tranquilo Santorini food

When your salad is bigger than your head 🙂

Walk from Fira to Oia:

The walk from Fira to Oia gives you some of the best views of the island, a great option to see the breath-taking cliff side if you aren’t staying along it. I will say it is tough going in the middle of summer with the heat, so I would suggest going very early in the morning as most of it doesn’t have lighting along it so it wouldn’t be appropriate to do after dark. The walk brings you through loads of resorts (great for a bit of snooping), and is brilliant as you can leave the path whenever, so if you are staying in Imerogvli (in between Oia and Fira) you can hop onto the path whenever you like and walk to dinner or just down to the shops. It is 10km long in total.

Walk from Fira to Oia

Oia Sunset:

While in my Where to stay in Santorini blog post I was against staying in Oia based on my experience of the crazy crowds that the sunsets attract. I do think it is worth going to join in the hype to see the sunset, but being able to leave and go back to peace and quiet after the sunset. Get there early to have a wander through the shops and admire the gorgeous scenery and infamous blue roved churches.

Oia Santorini

Sunset Tavern:

If you are looking to get a bite to eat while in Oia, The Sunset Tavern is a restaurant that can be found down in Amoudi Bay, 200 long and tiring steps from Oia mainstream to the water’s edge. The food is amazing and the views are to die for. You 100% need to book this, I would actually recommend booking this as early as you can to ensure a table on the water front. You can nearly put your feet in the water from the first row tables.

Sunset Tavern Oia

A Culinary Experience:

If you happen to be looking for somewhere to eat after all of these activities. We went to an amazing restaurant on our last night that is expensive due to its location and fine dining kind of food (small portions with random bits of foam = fine dining to me lol).

La Maison Santorini

La Maison was a truly amazing, both the food the location and the drinks were out of this world. Similar to the Sunset Tavern book this as early as you possibly can to secure a front row seat. There is no cocktail menu but the barman will ask what kind of drinks you like and make you an original. The food was bursting with flavour and, although the portions are below average the warm homemade bread that you are constantly topped up with will keep you full. There is an option to do a tasting menu but we just chose off the a la carte menu. It really was a special meal, especially if you appreciate food. This dining setting will not be beaten. See their website here.


I hope this has been helpful. No matter what you do in Santorini you will love it. It is such a special place and I am jealous you are going. If you have been and have anything to add I would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you would like to subscribe to receive emails when I post, you can sign up at the bottom of this page. Hope you stop by again soon!

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