Brunch – San Lorenzo’s

San Lorenzo’s is a modern, Italian style restaurant located on Georges Street at the downtown end of the culinary-famous Camden Mile in the centre of Dublin City. They are well known for their #BrunchOfChampions which is served from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s video of their Coco Pop French Toast that has been making it’s way through every social media platform convinced me that I had to go and see what all of the fuss was about.

San Lorenzo’s, Dublin

The Menu

You are sure to find something you will love on the San Lorenzo’s brunch menu with 6 ‘Lunch Style’ dishes and 12 ‘Breakfast Style’ Dishes. I will say your options are some what limited if you want a ‘Breakfast Style’ Dish and you don’t like eggs, most of their breakfast dishes are predominately egg based. Looking for a boozy brunch? Look no further, San Lorenzo’s offer a wide range of cocktails, beers and shots.

The Food

We had the ‘Super Nachos’ and the ‘Coco Pops French Toast’ to share between the two of us. The French toast tastes as good as it looks (and better). It has an interesting mix of rich flavours and really adds something new and exciting to your standard breakfast menu. The only thing was, I would recommend asking for some more peanut butter  on the side. You see, the dish comes like a sandwich. All of the ingredients are in between two slices of French toast. The only issue is, that the slice on the top gets a bit left out when it comes to toppings and as a result is a bit plain. Nothing some extra peanut butter can’t fix. The ‘Super Nachos’ were scarily big. Despite our massive appetites it was no match for us. That portion could feed 3 people on its own easily. They tasted amazing, they were super fresh and perfectly spicy.

Coco Pops French Toast 
Super Nacho’s @ San Lorenzo’s 

Price Range

At first I thought that it was very expensive for brunch, 14/15 euro per dish seemed pretty steep. Having said that, once the food came I realised we had overestimated our hunger, or underestimated the size of their dishes. Like I said above 3 people could easily share the nachos, so that would have worked out at only 5euro each.

The Staff

The staff were really nice, super efficient and they tried to accommodate us when we requested a window seat. They were quick to take our order and our food and drinks arrived not too quickly, but not too slowly. I would recommend booking in advance as the place was totally full.

The Restaurant

The restaurant resembled an old wine cellar in it’s decor and lighting, giving it a cosy and wintery vibe. The loud music gave the place a modern spin. The bathroom in San Lorenzo’s I believe is the best bathroom I have been in. Instead of having a mirror over the sink they have a massive window looking down into the kitchen – how bloody cool.

Wine Cellar Style 
View from the bathrooms into the kitchen 

Overall we really enjoyed our meal here, although it was expensive you got good value for money in terms of portion size, keep it for a special occasion. For more information see:

The Girl on the Go xx

Dinner – Wanderlust, Dalkey

The other day I paid a visit to Wanderlust in Dalkey with a few of my girlfriends for a going away dinner. I had heard loads of great things about it and I had been really looking forward to trying it out for myself.

Wanderlust Dalkey, 111 Coliemore Rd

About the Menu

The menu perfectly combined a wide variety of cuisines from Mexican to Asian influenced food without being too overwhelming. They had a huge range of starters but less main courses. Most of us actually ended up getting either two starters or a starter and a side. The starters were huge so it was a perfect amount of food. They also had a large wine and cocktail list.

The Food & Drink

When we arrived we all got a cocktail. I got the ‘Pink Passion’ (passionfruit in a cocktail is just heaven). It was by far the nicest cocktail I have had in a long time. It was so yummy and perfectly sour.

Pink Passion Cocktail (10 euro) @ Wanderlust Dalkey

Everyone loved their meals. The table got a wide range of dishes from tacos to chicken wings. I got the Scallops (12.50) and shared a side of Sweet Potato Fries (4) and Skinny Stem Almond Broccoli (4) with one of the girls. I love Scallops and any time I see them on a menu I gravitate towards them. However, it is easy to over cook scallops and once you do you might as well be chewing on a bouncy ball. These scallops were cooked perfectly and were served with a pea purée, black pudding and diced smoked bacon. I would highly recommend them. I would say that they are very rich as a starter if you plan to have a main course.

Pan seared scallops with pea purée, black pudding and diced smoked bacon (12.50 euro) & side of broccoli (4 euro)

Price Range

The cocktails were expensive, 10 euro each is pretty steep. Especially when they aren’t very big. Having said that they are to die for.

The food was on the expensive side. Mains ranging from 15-24 euro. If you are looking to save a few, opt with a starter and a side. It worked out cheaper and I think there were better options on the starter menu.

Early Bird option?

Yes, they have an early bird option from 5pm-7pm. You can get 2 courses for 20 and 3 for 23. The menu is limited but it is a good deal.

The Staff 

The staff were really friendly and dealt well with the big group. The were really accommodating when it came to paying the bill, we were all able to pay separately and some of the group were able to use card to pay their share. They were also accommodating to allergies.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is small, I would make a reservation on the weekend or if you have a big group. It wasn’t cold, I was able to wear jeans and a little top comfortably and it is nicely lit.


Overall I really enjoyed my meal at Wanderlust Dalkey, the food was superb and I definitely plan to go back in the future.

I hope this post was helpful and I would love to hear about your experiences and recommendations on what to get next time.

The Girl on the Go xx

Breakfast – Fern House café, Avoca Kilmacanogue 

I don’t think there is a better spot for breakfast than Avoca’s award-winning Fern House Café. The spacious, Victorian style fern house is uniquely decorated with orange & lemon trees, making  it a special breakfast location in any season, not to mention the food. When you eat in (or from) Avoca you know you are going to get 10/10 for taste. With nearly every option on the menu including some of their homemade bread, scones or pastries it is hard to go wrong with choice.

The Fern House Café

Their menu has everything from ‘Gluten free Blueberry Pancakes’ to a ‘Full Irish’ and ‘Homemade Super-Berry Granola’. They also have a good selection of cold pressed raw beverages, teas and coffees. Like I said you can’t go far wrong with this menu. I was boring and went with an ‘Amy staple breakfast’ Scrambled eggs on toast. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the 3cm thick brown bread toast totally hit the spot.

Scrambled eggs on brown bread toast and Poached eggs with sourdough – Avoca Fern House

Although Avoca is one of my absolute favourite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner and takeaway meals, you know you pay for the quality you are getting so a lot of the times Avoca will be a bit more expensive than other cafés. Having said that, I was surprised when I saw my meal was only 8.95 euro (which kept me so full nearly all day).

Victorian Style Fern House

I really couldn’t recommend it enough and it is by far my favourite breakfast spot in all of Dublin. I would advise on the weekends that you make a reservation.

Food:                    9/10

Atmosphere:     8.5/10

Price:           4.25 euro – 12.95 euro

The Girl on the Go xx


Nightmarket Ranelagh – Dinner

Nightmarket is one of Ranelagh’s newest editions, taking over from ‘An Bhialann’ at 120 Ranelagh, Dublin 6, one of Dublin’s foodie hotspots. Nightmarket brings together traditional and authentic Thai food, while trying to use as much local produce as possible. Set up by an Irish man and his Thai partner they aimed to create a space where Irish people can gather to experience and enjoy the unique flavours of Thai home cooking.

Nightmarket Thai Restaurant, Ranelagh

When we arrived last Friday evening the place was packed, booking seems to be a must. We sat at the bar for a drink while our table was being prepared. Their cocktail menu is one of the most unusual drink menus I have ever come across, the drinks all seemed a bit mad. I ordered the Mulata Daiquiri which had NM Rum Elixir, Lime & Dark Chocolate – yes, of course I go for the chocolate option. Josh got the Basil Smash which had Dingle Gin, Thai Basil, Lemon, Fish Sauce & Lychee. We watched the bartender as he carefully and artistically constructed the drinks. The precision and attention to detail was like no other. Although quite small the drinks hit the spot. I loved the sweet chocolatey aftertaste from mine, and Josh loved his fresh almost mojito like taste off his.

Cocktails at Nightmarket

I have never been to Thailand and the only experience I have ever had with Thai food has been from takeaway chains such as Mao, Mango Tree and Camille – which I love, but I knew they weren’t the real deal. A bit confused by the menu we called one of the staff members over to talk us through it. He carefully took us through nearly every dish on the menu. He explained to us that a Thai meal traditionally consists of a selection of dishes shared by a group. He suggested we get three ‘Smaller Dishes’ which are like starters, a salad and one main course between the two of us.

From the ‘Smaller Dishes’ section we went with the Laab Moo Tad which were Crispy balls of pork laab, red curry paste, chilli, peanuts, ginger, shallots, spring onion, fish sauce, lime juice, mint, rice. The Hoy Shell Yang which was grilled, fresh scallops; chilli, lime juice & coriander sauce; chilli & mango salad with peanuts and finally the Kanom Jeeb which were steamed Thai dumpling with minced pork & prawn, crispy garlic, soy & rice vinegar dip. We really liked the Laab Moo Tad and the Kanom Jeeb. We found that the scallops were a bit overcooked and tasteless, however we loved the salad that came with the scallops. The salad we ordered was the Som Tum Moo Ping which was a spicy green papaya salad, dried shrimp, peanut, long bean, cherry tomato, chilli, lime, garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce, grilled pork skewers, sticky rice. This salad actually turned out to be very similar to the one that we got with the scallops just with pork skewers. We would have liked to have tried something else and I wish they would have told us that when we ordered them all together. For the main course we got the Gai Phad Med Mamuang Himmaphan which was stir fried chicken, cashew nuts, mushroom, dried chilli, water chestnuts, spring onion, onion. This dish was probably my favourite thing we got on the menu, it had a bit of a takeaway feel to it I mean this in the best way possible and only say it as the chicken was lightly battered and came in a sauce. It had twice the taste of a takeaway but none of that horrible sluggish after feeling of a takeaway.

Small plates, scallops right, steamed dumplings back, Lab Moo Tad at front
Salad front, Gai Phad Med Mamuang Himmaphan back 

I have a pretty alright tolerance for spice but a lot of the dishes we chose had a serious kick to them. The good thing is one of the staff members explained to us that nearly all of the dishes can be modified to how spicy or not spicy you want them, so make sure you don’t forget to ask about spice levels and explain what you want if you make a visit to this place.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Nightmarket Ranelagh. Being a novice in ‘real’ Thai food makes it hard to judge, but I do think it is very different to what is out there. There are plenty of authentic Indian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants around Dublin, but I haven’t heard of many authentic Thai places. If you want something different I think it is well worth a visit. The staff are really friendly and the place has a great buzz.

Food:                     7/10

Atmosphere:        8/10

Price:                     Smaller plates: 3-15 euros, Main courses: 16-24 euros

I hope you have found this helpful if you are planning a visit to Nightmarket. If I was to go again I would choose a completely different selection of dishes, so I can experience more the cuisine has to offer.

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Brunch – Angelina’s, Dublin

Angelina’s is one of Dublin’s trendiest places to eat at the moment. Its Baggott Street location puts it right in the heart of one of Dublin’s prime foodie spots. It’s impossible to get a spot on the canalside terrace on the handful of sunny days Ireland has to offer.

Sit along the River on the few sunny days Ireland gets

I recently went for brunch with a group of friends, the decor was gorgeous, the staff were lovely and the food was to die for. I now understand what all the hype was about. The brunch menu was filled with loads of yummy sounding options – so many that we all ordered our own meals as well as pancakes to share!


Pancakes were super filling – Scrambled Eggs on toast without the bacon. Check out: 10 Step Guide to #FitSpo Dining for more easy ways to make your dish healthier.

They have amazing horseshoe shaped red leather couches that wrap around a round table, which are perfect for a group of 5-7 people. (If you want one of these I would advise requesting one when booking).

The beautiful Angelina’s Dublin

I would strongly advise booking in advance if you are going to visit. Also be prepared to pay for the food you get, it isn’t the most student friendly eatery, however, it is perfect for a special occasion.

Food:                  9/10

Atmosphere:    8/10

Price:                 €5.50 – €15 (Brunch)

Find more info @

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

The Girl on the Go xx