Decoding Nutrition Labels

Are you following my Nutrition: Back to Basics but don't know how to tell what is in your favourite snacks? Don't worry, I was the same. I always found myself looking at the back of packets in the supermarket and nodding as though I knew what was going on, but really I didn't have a clue what to [...]

Nutrition: Back to Basics

A lot of people starting off dieting or changing their lifestyle are looking for a quick fix, and I was too. Google searching ‘7 Belly burning foods’ will do nothing to help your health and body recomposition efforts, in fact it will probably do the exact opposite. I hate to be the bearer of bad [...]

Protein Powder – Myth Busting

I get a lot of questions especially from girls about protein powder and why I take it. I remember when I first started taking it, I never wanted to take it in public because I didn't want to have to justify myself to anyone as to why I was taking it. It seems to be [...]

6 Healthy Habits to aid Weight Loss

Trying to shift a few pounds before bikini season? Here are a few simple tips you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day life on top of your training/exercise program to help you feel fabulous on the beach this summer.         1. Stay Hydrated - Aim to drink around 2-3 litres of water [...]