Decoding Nutrition Labels

Are you following my Nutrition: Back to Basics but don't know how to tell what is in your favourite snacks? Don't worry, I was the same. I always found myself looking at the back of packets in the supermarket and nodding as though I knew what was going on, but really I didn't have a clue what to [...]

Tips for a Camping Virgin

This month I tried out camping thing for the first time. I have camped in my back garden but have never done the whole camp site thing so I had no idea what to expect. Based on my experience I don’t understand why it isn’t more popular. If you are considering trying something new, here [...]

Nutrition: Back to Basics

A lot of people starting off dieting or changing their lifestyle are looking for a quick fix, and I was too. Google searching ‘7 Belly burning foods’ will do nothing to help your health and body recomposition efforts, in fact it will probably do the exact opposite. I hate to be the bearer of bad [...]

Preparing for a Road Trip

Getting ready for a road trip can be stressful. What to bring?  Where to go? Where do you even begin to start organising? Here are a few easy tips that we decided were the most important after our first few days on the road.  1) Pick your stops - Do some research and find out [...]

7 ways to Pack Smarter

I have been so lucky that I have been able to travel and visit so many cool places during my study exchange in Canada, check out New York in 4 days, Boston – Top 5 things to do in Boston and Ottawa in 1 day for more information on the places I visited. I can safely say that all the [...]

5 Ways to Make Getting Fit Easier

Are you deciding to take the plunge to start getting healthy and into shape? It can be intimidating as a newbie entering the gym. Unfortunately, intimidation and the fear of being judged are some of the main reasons why people take so long to get their asses into a gym. If you have decided to [...]

How to Stay Healthy Whilst Traveling

I noticed this summer while backpacking around Europe that convenience stores (which are in every train station and airport) aren't very 'convenient' for people who are trying to eat healthy. They are mainly filled with overly processed food, drink,  and very few fresh products. I have come up with a few tips that might help [...]

10 Step Guide to #FitSpo Dining

Just because you are trying to eat healthier or trying to lose a few pounds doesn't mean that you should have to pass up the opportunity to eat out, you just need to try to make smart choices. Here are 10 tips to help you make smarter menu choices next time you are eating out [...]

Surviving a Canadian Winter

As many of you may know by now, I am currently on a study exchange in Canada. There have been a lot of things that I have had to adapt to that I am not used to back in Ireland. This post is for anyone who is planning on moving, visiting or coming on a study [...]

Igloofest Montréal – What to expect

Planning a trip to Montréal's Igloofest but don't know what to expect? That's how I felt last week before I went. I didn't know what to bring, what to wear or what it would be like. So I decided to share my newly found 'Igloofest Wisdom' with you guys! Here is a list of a [...]

Study Exchange/ Erasmus – Where to go?

If you are reading this you are probably one of the lucky few that have been given the amazing opportunity to go on a Study exchange or an Erasmus. I hope this post can help you understand how lucky you are and hopefully help you to decide where the best place for you to study [...]

Interrailing – What to bring?

Don't know what to bring interrailing? No problem, that's what I am here for! Interrailing is an extremely popular holiday choice amongst students and is a great cheap way to see a lot in a small space of time. I personally interrailed around Europe, so my advice is based on my own experience. Must haves:  [...]